Author – Caleta Olivia, 2021

A mother, a father, three siblings, the countryside. In El libro de los caballitos, the plains are the space where language fights a battle between the possibility of naming and the silence of the wild. Valeria Meiller writes like a seamstress and a pianist. With every chord she strikes, with each vibration, she makes sounds and images reverberate; shapes that, upon unfolding, show the trace left by the folds, the stitching without thread, the scars. Objects multiply and disappear behind the world: the dangerous brightness of a knife, the saddle of a horse, the fire that destroys and originates, the presence of the children that dilute like ghosts at the gaze of adults. The poetry of Valeria Meiller speaks the language of dreams and of childhood, inscribes itself in the “ferocity of things said” to reclaim—in good faith—an inheritance.

Virginia Cosin